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  • Electronic Patient Care Reporting  for the Modern Ski Patroller.


Patient Care Reporting has never been easier.

What is SkiPCR?

Ski Patrollers know that a bulky, expensive device with hard-to-navigate interfaces just won’t cut it out on the hill. SkiPCR runs on Apple iOS devices – known for their ease-of-use. SkiPCR automates the incident report that is traditionally collected through pen and paper. Collecting the facts as they happen is critical. Essential information can soon be forgotten in the heat of the moment. SkiPCR makes it easy to record, checks for accuracy on the fly, and provides previously stored information automatically. Combined, these features can make SkiPCR the ski patroller’s best friend.

  • Powerful yet compact
  • “Behind-The-Scene” features to help improve accuracy of information collected
  • Reduce redundant input with “Smart” inputs
  • Cost Effective with no Capital Expenditure
  • 100% secure
  • Great user experience


Ski Patrol Directors can expect to see a very fast return on their investment just on time-savings alone. Better accuracy through autofill, data checks, and elimination of transcription errors only add to that equation. With no upfront costs, it is easy to get and implement.

even when budgets are tight.

SkiPCR offers a great user experience.

SkiPCR looks to give Ski Patrollers an easy to use interface with a great user experience so they are worry-free from day one of implementation. Emergency personnel recognize that SkiPCR’s screens have all the fields they expect. The flow matches how personnel generate data on-scene. The extremely clean and functional layout of screens makes it easy to get the job done accurately and fast! In fact the user interface is so intuitive, emergency personnel say they can start using it right out of the box.

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